Within this framework, NREC has organized and supported various activities & posts in a reflection to their adherence to social responsibility, and support the importance of private sector contributions to meet society’s requirements.

The following is a summary of some of those activities & contributions:

  • NREC launched its first campaign for cleaning Kuwait beaches under the slogan "Environment is a treasure...Let's search for it". 
  • On the occasion of Eid Al Fitr for the year 2014, NREC gives donation for the orphans on a ceremony held under the slogan “Joy of Orphan Day”, in cooperation with Help Your Muslim's Brother Committee which is a subsidiary of the International Islamic Charitable Organization.
  • NREC is the Silver Sponsor of Lothan Youth Achievements Center (LOYAC) for the years 2012 - 2014.
  • NREC organized a blood donation campaign at Souq Sharq in coordination with the Central Blood Bank of Kuwait in 2010 & 2013.
  • NREC launches Iftar meals for needy families in Kuwait for the years 2011 - 2013 in cooperation with Help Your Muslim's Brother Committee which is a subsidiary of the International Islamic Charitable Organization.
  • NREC Silver Sponsor of “Jasmine Call” ceremony for the year 2012, organized by the Women Cultural & Social Society to relief the Syrian people.
  • NREC is the major sponsor for "Homes Committee" in Jordan for the year 2011, which is a volunteer group of the Lothan Youth Achievements Center (LOYAC).
  • NREC supports the Libyan people with donation during the political conditions experienced by the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya in 2011.
  • As part of its Environmental Program, NREC organized an “Environment Week” under the slogan, “Together for a Better World” for students with special needs to participate in a series of environmental activities at Souq Shraq.
  • NREC Launches Third Annual Ramadan Charity Campaign during year 2010 in coordination with International Islamic Charitable Organization.
  • NREC is the main sponsor through its subsidiary National Holding Group (NHG) for the "Homes Committee" in Lebanon, belonging to Lothan Youth Achievments Center (LOYAC). The goal of "Homes Committee" is to renovate impoverished homes through equipping them with complete living facilities.
  • NREC sponsors the annual conference 2010 of "Toastmasters International", the largest non-profit educational organization in the world, focusing on young people to help them develop their skills and abilities.
  • NREC sponsors a charity musical concert to raise funds for Haiti earthquake victims, in cooperation with Lothan Center For Youth Achievements "LOYAC".
  • NREC organizes an open day for "Al Kharafi Center for Children with Special Needs" through one of its local developments "El Joan Resort".
  • NREC is the Golden Sponsor of Lothan Center for Youth Achievements (LOYAC) 2010.
  • NREC donates a range of medical equipments and supplies needed for Al Rajaa Elementary Boy's School which supports physically disabled students.
  • Main sponsor of Jaber Quality Award 2008 – 2009.
  • Golden Sponsor of the Children’s Cancer Center in Lebanon in 2009 .
  • Voluntary contributions to private schools that provide care for people with special needs.
  • NREC has sponsored the campaign for colon cancer patients through donations in coordination with the Kuwaiti Medical Association - Kuwait Society of Oncology.
  • NREC has been the official sponsor of the 2009 Annual Introduction Forum of the KMBS Student Federation.
  • Contributions to provide aid to needy families in Kuwait and outside in cooperation with the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society 2008-2009.
  • NREC sponsors several programs & social activities through its most important local project Souq Sharq waterfront as a part of their annual activities.
  • Commitment to quality in production and packaging of agriculture products in innovative ways according to European-certified standards, ensuring access to high-quality, healthy food products through one of our subsidiaries, Fresh World International Company.
  • NREC adopts a wise economic and environmental policy for itself and its subsidiaries by following a preventive approach to protect the environment and reduce levels of pollution. This approach relies on using renewable sources, which in its turn guarantees an effective direction of the waste to the various types of recycling facilities. For this, NREC signed an agreement with the Metal & Recycling Co. (MRC) for collecting paper and wasted in all NREC offices, malls, local developments and subsidiaries.
  • Established Kuwait’s first and only non-profit college that grants its graduates an internationally recognized MBA degree. The faculty is Kuwait Maastricht Business School "KMBS" and it operates under "HRD International", one of NREC’s subsidiaries that focuses on developing human resources.

In reflection of our vision and determination to advance in the environmental area, NREC is pursuing a wise policy where its commitment to CSR can be put within a more comprehensive corporate system. This policy will cover all sectors and focus on the environment in particular, as it is one of the most important issues today. Our slogan, “Together for a Better World,” aims to strengthen our CSR culture in order to serve the community and contribute towards the development and preservation of natural resources.

Moreover, NREC maintains a solid track record of pursuing initiatives that aim to improve the conditions of the communities in which it operates. In the upcoming period, we aim to organize these initiatives to cover all needs of the community in a corporate frame that reflects NREC’s positive reputation and endorses its capability as a private body to cooperate with the governmental sectors to achieve comprehensive development.